Unlocking the True Strength
of African Soil

Drawing from first-hand experience in all aspects of the industry including breadth of crops and depth of machinery brands across 22 African countries, Soil to Silo has built an impressive track record of delivering sustainable agricultural solutions that enhance the true strength of African soil.

What we do

Agricultural Project

Agricultural Project Consulting

While others may highlight the problems of operating in Africa, Soil to Silo is solutions-oriented to provide you with a tailor-made plan for your farm or project.

We can carry out feasibility studies anywhere to ensure that land is suitable from the onset using our partners to carry out soil sampling and if needed drilling of boreholes for irrigation purposes.

Land Clearance

Land Clearance

Soil to Silo carry out land clearance in a truly sustainable way to protect top soil and reintroduce cleared foliage through mulching.

This is a process which leads to improved soil structure due to increased organic matter reducing water loss, erosion and improves overall soil drainage in high rainfall areas. We also encourage contouring of land to reduce soil loss due to run off and leaching of chemicals and fertlizers into water courses. We use trusted contractors that deliver on time, the first time around, or we can make an equipment recommendation for your land clearance needs through our provider network.

Land Development

Land Development

We can assist with road, irrigation maps, contouring and more through our trustworthy partners. Our partners make use of drone technology and sound development practices to ensure that land utilization is maximized for irrigation. Land levelling is done correctly using GPS systems to make the land earth flat.



We can offer you in-depth mechanisation solutions from 50 to 15 000 hectares depending on your budget, crop type and high or low technology requirements. Soil to Silo will source the necessary equipment and provide on-site support through our quality partner, A-Z Performance.

When working with Soil to Silo, mechanisation includes operator and technical training for all major brands including MF, Valtra, Challenger, John Deere, CASEIH, CNH, CAT and Komatsu.

Site Evaluation for Existing
and Green Field

Site Evaluation for Existing and Green Field

Soil to Silo are process-driven to help large estates manage their workshops, part stores and fleets. This service also includes containerized workshops for initial deployment to help design fully functioning workshops.

We pride ourselves on consistent on-site support that protects your investments and ensures effective and efficient processes are always followed.

Training for Emerging

Training for Emerging Farmers

We can offer independent training to NGO’s, Government or Private initiatives for outgrower schemes to provide know-how for best agricultural practices for soil husbandry, basic tractor operations, preventative maintenance, correct use of implements, planters, sprayers and fertilizer spreaders.

This is geared towards mechanisation but also to help emerging farmers become more commercial minded by encouraging them to start keeping basic accounts and learn how to run a business.

Specialty Crops

Specialty Crops

We can provide agronomy and mechanisation solutions for specialist crops such as sugar cane, rice, sorghum, cassava, soya, maize and cereals. We can advise on best practice and source specialists to work on projects through our extensive network.

The agricultural industry in Africa is challenging to say the very least. But over 15 years, Soil to Silo and its founder Jamie Rixton have become specialists in agronomy and mechanisation for both new and established farms in Africa.

Completed and ongoing projects

Sudan: Sudanese Sugar Company 4 sugar plantation sites spanning 36 000ha

Sudan: Sudanese Sugar Company 4 sugar plantation sites spanning 36 000ha

Soil to Silo provided mechanisation solutions, fleet management training, workshop management implementation, operator training, land clearance and land development for the SSC (Sundanese Sugar Company). The challenge with this project was coordinating the management of many operators, mechanics and workers across 4 sites, all a great distance from one another.

In total, we trained 500 people over the course of 2 months.

Nigeria: FMN 4 farms totalling 20 000ha

Nigeria: FMN 4 farms totalling 20 000ha

In 2015, Soil to Silo provided mechanisation solutions for FMN’s sugar project for haulage and land preparation, over and above full technical training for 70 staff.

We implemented new processes for their service, technical and parts teams while improving communications. This had the added bonus of reducing equipment downtimes from roughly 55% availability to upwards of 90%, which FMN have maintained for 2+ years. Again, our biggest challenge was access to the multiple sites as road conditions are poor and many of the bridges wash away during rainy season.

Nigeria: LATC tomato plantation 150ha including 30ha of green houses

Nigeria: LATC tomato plantation 150ha including 30ha of green houses

Soil to Silo assisted with land clearance consulting to clear 100 ha and the implementation of contours. We sourced equipment such as tractors and provided operator and mechanics training for their staff.

We still support LATC on an ongoing basis, despite the difficult location of the site and lack of infrastructure for workshops and accommodation.

Nigeria: BUA rehabilitation of an old state sugar estate - 17 500ha

Nigeria: BUA rehabilitation of an old state sugar estate - 17 500ha

This project is ongoing and began when we were asked to make mechanisation proposals for a new sugar project and consult on land clearance. The project grew to assisting with the training of drivers and equipment sourcing and continues to develop with Q2 2017 recently purchased based on our recommendations.

This site is challenging due minimal infrastructure, poor quality roads and not much in the way of accommodation.

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About Us

At Soil to Silo, our passion is agronomy and the science of growing. We exist to see Africa grow in harmony with its soil. We believe there is a delicate balance between our knowledge in agronomy and the discipline of combining machinery, harsh conditions and tough environments.

We put our heart and soul into implementing end-to-end mechanised solutions that stand the test of time. When you get this right, you experience an opus of agricultural sustainability, one that enhances the true strength of African soil.

Jamie Rixton

Soil to Silo founder and CEO, Jamie Rixton, was born into a farming family. Jamie graduated from the University of Reading with a BSC Honours degree in Agronomy, Agricultural Mechanisation and Business Management before starting his career at John Deere UK. Here he gained first-hand knowledge of the commercial agricultural machinery industry before being headhunted by AGCO Corporation, where he spent the next 12 years providing mechanisation and support solutions throughout Africa for Valtra, Challenger and Massey Ferguson.

Jamie was appointed GM of the Agricultural Division for Pan African Equipment Nigeria Ltd (Komatsu) before starting Soil to Silo, where he and his dedicated team have perfected the ‘science of growing’ in some of the most challenging environments on earth.

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